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Hitman 2: Beginner Tips

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Added by: Diablo
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The fantastic Hitman series follows the adventures of the professional but mysterious Agent 47. The World Of Assassination trilogy has highlighted what makes the games work so well: Its sandbox nature in which you can take on every challenge. Hitman 2 is a wonderful example of this freedom of choice.

Hitman 2 includes many exciting locations, from a busy race track to a secluded castle. Each mission involves a unique twist that makes the game incredibly exciting to play out. The game can be a challenging experience, but you can soon become the ultimate assassin with a lot of trial and error and a few helpful tips.

Explore The Location
A new location can be overwhelming at first. It's no good running in guns-blazing (although you're welcome to try). Instead, it's a good idea to get a lay of the land figured out.

Each level is full of unique details and secrets. Take your time to study the area. Figure out where the cameras are. Determine which locations are restricted. Blend in like a true assassin would, perhaps even tailing your target to determine their usual route. With this little bit of reconnaissance, you'll feel a lot more confident about your mission and can begin to take action.

Follow The Mission Stories
Part of what makes Hitman 2 a fantastic game is its elaborate Mission Stories. You'll notice these by listening in on conversations or by checking out the Mission Stories menu. There are usually at least seven. Select one to follow, and off you go.

These opportunities offer unique ways to eliminate your target. The game will guide you through each step, allowing you to feel like a real professional. Each Story mission will always lead you into the perfect setup to take down your target with ease and style. They are great to show you want possible before you try out your own methods.

Consider Your Loadout
Before you set off on your mission, the briefing screen will help you determine what your plan might be. You can see your starting location and what items are available. You can also prepare a smuggled item that you can find somewhere on the map. Take your time on this menu to make sure you're off to a great start.

At first, your options are limited. But, as you progress further, you'll unlock a variety of exciting items to help you out. This includes new starting locations, new disguises, and of course, fancy weapons and tools to make your mission easier. Unlockables include sniper rifles, explosives, and... rubber ducks?

Disguises Are Key
Agent 47 is a master of disguise and can always blend in. You can steal outfits from unconscious enemies or find spare uniforms elsewhere. These disguises are perfect for reaching previously restricted areas. Be careful, though, as Enforcers (represented by white dots hovering above them) know their staff well and will be able to recognize an imposter if you get too close. Avoid Enforcers, and you'll be fine.

Once you've perfected a mission, you might want to consider a Suit Only run. These can be incredibly challenging playthroughs but are well rewarded and satisfying to complete.

Destroy Every Camera
When you're taking down an Elusive Target, it's a good idea not to be recorded! Doing something illegal in front of a camera will alert the guards. To avoid being seen, keep an eye out for cameras by using Instinct Mode to see them highlighted. Once a camera is spotted, shoot it from a distance.

Alternatively, find one of the security rooms. You can walk up to the camera recorder found here and permanently destroy the footage. These security rooms are usually well guarded. Even if you are in disguise, messing with the evidence will draw unwanted attention to yourself. It's best to shoot the machine with a silent pistol from afar to avoid detection.

Hide All Evidence
During missions, you'll often need to knock out or kill potential witnesses. Bodies lying around will cause panic and higher security measures to take place. You cannot let that happen, so hide all evidence you leave behind.

Unconscious or dead, you can store bodies in various highlighted containers. These containers will never be opened by security but can only hold two bodies. If you know a map well, you might be aware of certain rooms that no one enters. These can be a great place to store multiple bodies. If you are going for Silent Assassin, be wary of pushing bodies off the map or into the water, as this will count as a kill.

Coins And Lockpicks Are Invaluable
Hitman 2 - A Coin being selected during the briefing screen - Agent 47 lockpicking a door
Although you have access to a range of powerful weapons, sometimes all you need to succeed is something as simple as a collection of coins and a lockpick. Having a few coins on your person is perfect for luring people away. You can lead them towards one coin, and then as soon as they pick it up, toss another to draw them even further away. This is great for isolating people to take them out. Coins are also helpful for brief distractions when you just need to slip past them, as the person will go back to their route right away instead of searching the area.

Once you have a lockpick available, it's a great idea to equip it during the briefing, unless you know the location of one on a specific map. The lockpick allows you to get access to a lot of areas. It doesn't break and does not draw attention as a crowbar would. Just make sure not to be caught using it.

Failure Isn't The End
Hitman 2 - A body being discovered and Agent 47 compromised - A busy crowd
Part of what makes Hitman's level design so unique is how it lets you roll with the punches. No matter how much planning and preparation you put into your mission, you need to be ready to improvise on the spot. The game can be a little unpredictable, which is part of its charm. Although you could just reload a save, sometimes it's just as fun to see how well you can adapt.

If you are caught red-handed, your best bet is to evade. Blend into the crowds or find a hiding spot fast. Although Agent 47 is quite deadly, he can be outnumbered very easily. Stay hidden and change your disguise. Now you can continue with your mission, adapting as you go. Sometimes if things go really bad, your target might end up in an entirely new situation, such as hiding in a safe room. This just opens up opportunities that you didn't have before, so just see how things go and have fun.

Don't Be Afraid To Reload Or Change The Difficulty
Although Agent 47 is an unstoppable, resourceful force, sometimes he can get into situations that are too tricky to deal with. Especially when just starting the game, do not feel bad if you want to save regularly and reload when things do not go to plan. This is especially true when going for Silent Assassin and Suit Only playthroughs. One simple mistake can void the entire attempt.

There are also three main difficulty levels to consider. Pick the one that suits you the best. Casual Mode will have fewer enforcers, no cameras, and easier combat. Professional Mode is an excellent middle ground with unlimited saves but challenging guards and cameras to look out for. Master is the real challenge with only one save available, no Mission stories, and extra security. Try them all out and see which mode you enjoy the most.

Replay Missions
Hitman 2, just like the other entries in the trilogy, is meant to be played repeatedly. There are countless ways to take out your target, as well as additional missions and Escalation Contracts to try. The game might seem challenging at first, but if you keep trying, you'll soon get to grips with a level.

There are also many challenges to try to achieve. These keep the game exciting and can give you little goals to try and achieve. Some are linked to assassinations. Others are simply exciting things you can find on the map. Just keep playing, and soon enough, you'll become the ultimate assassin.
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