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Rainbow Six Extraction - Trailer

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Rainbow Six Extraction got a new trailer at the PlayStation Showcase, confirming a release in January 2022.

The new footage shows off various characters from Ubisoft's co-op first-person shooter franchise in action against the alien forces that you'll be fighting to save the world against. It's arguably our closest look yet at those creatures, who can take on multiple different forms, and who you'll want to utilise stealth as you engage.

A number of Rainbow Six Siege characters show up in the trailer, although you won't have access to that game's full roster when Extraction launches. We did see Ash - the group's de facto leader - who seemed to be narrating the situation, as well as Sledge, wielding (as one might expect) his signature Sledgehammer, and another character setting up around what appears to be a remote turret.

Back in July, Ubisoft announced an adjustment to its schedule that saw Rainbow Six Extraction pushed back to January from a release originally planned for September 16. Riders Republic was the other title moved at that time, although its launch was only moved around two months, to October 28. It's interesting that the shooter title doesn't have a specific release date - especially since January is, alarmingly, not really that far away - but no delay is likely to be good news, and we're likely to find out an exact date relatively soon.

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