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Valorant Is Already Using Windows 11's Security Features To Prevent Cheating

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It seems Riot Games has been learning from all the incidents of cheating and exploiting in multiplayer games like Call of Duty or PUBG. In an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, it appears that Valorant has already enforced Windows 11’s security features.

Windows 11 doesn’t officially roll out for another month, but the preview version has been downloaded by quite a few. Those who have downloaded it found ways to bypass the new OS’ TPM 2.0 anti-cheat software. However, Riot seems to have had the foresight to know that the preview version meant more time for cheaters to find workarounds.

In a bid to curb cheating in Valorant, the developer has made it so that the game cannot be launched on Windows 11 PSs without the TPM 2.0 software. As spotted by XDA Developers (via PCGamesN), a number of players have reported error messages stating that Valorant’s anti-cheat software, Vanguard, requires TPM 2.0 as well as Secure Boot enabled before being kicked out.

With TPM 2.0, Windows may have just given a number of developers exactly what they’ve been hoping for when it comes to curbing cheating. Taking Valorant’s lead, more games could enforce TPM 2.0 requirements. Additionally, making the same requirement mandatory on Windows 10 would further hamper cheaters from using exploits.

While cheaters may have a hard time with Windows 11, it’s going to make a lot of things more convenient for the rest of us. It'll come with a built-in Xbox app so that you can have quick and easy access to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play Xbox Cloud Gaming directly with no browser required.

Another cool feature is that it will be fully compatible with Android apps. You’ll be able to download them and use them off the desktop, just like on your phone. Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for current Windows 10 users and come with a new design, a new layout, slicker windows, new sounds, and both Microsoft Cloud and Teams integration, all of which you’ll be able to see on October 5.
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