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If you’re a fan of past Far Cry games, then you’re almost certainly going to enjoy Far Cry 6 a lot. And if you weren’t? Then this latest instalment probably isn’t going to be for you.

Ubisoft Toronto’s crack at the franchise makes a number of compelling additions; the ‘Supremo’ superweapons you carry on your back are fun to use and look cool, the ability to holster your weapon introduces new gameplay opportunities, and Giancarlo Esposito genuinely steals every scene he’s in.

But otherwise, the latest game is very much an evolution rather than revolution of the existing series formula – which is hardly surprising considering Far Cry 5’s stellar sales performance – but for many, this is a series that feels like it very much needs the latter.

However, if you’ll forgive us for the downbeat opening, what’s here is likely more than enough to please the many fans who don’t mind a familiar template.

As expected, one of the most compelling additions to Far Cry’s core scout-plan-attack loop is the ability to put your gun away and mix with the civilians.

This feature sounds a little dull on paper, but the ability to holster your weapon adds two things to Far Cry that weren’t possible before: one, you can explore the world, go fishing and gawp at the pretty vistas without any kind of combat interrupting you – an appealing prospect given that Yara looks set to be a stunning place to traverse.

Secondly, the player – and not the game – decides when the combat encounters start, allowing you to ambush and be a true guerrilla. You can drive right alongside an enemy vehicle without them noticing you as an enemy, for example, and at the right moment draw your weapon and expertly take out the driver.

Whether Far Cry 6’s small steps forward – and its stunning environments – are enough to entertain fans for another open-world epic will remain to be seen, but right now the game feels more like a guerrilla evolution than revolution.
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