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Valorant Spike Mechanics

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  Added by: SlayeR
  Category: Valorant > Guides
Difficulty Level: Begginer
  Tags: Valorant Spike Mechanics
In our Valorant Spike Mechanics Guide we will go through in-depth details about the Spike in Valorant; let’s jump right into it!

The spike takes 4 seconds to plant, 3.5 seconds to defuse halfway, 7 seconds to defuse fully, and 45 seconds to explode.

The spike is placed in the direction that you are facing. This allows for the spike to be placed outside of the designated bombsite.

The spike cannot be placed on top of objects, such as boxes.

More Valorant Spike Mechanics details:
Upon being planted or defused, the spike gives a point towards your ultimate. This is important, as a team must determine which ultimate is most valuable out of the their team when defusing or planting for free.

Note: the initial half defuse of the spike does not grant a point, meaning that a team could have somebody close to the spike with a dispensable ult start the defuse and then pass it to a teammate with a more important ability.

The spike has a rhythm. Therefore, the beeps can be used to determine whether or not there is time left to defuse. In addition, if you have a dead teammate counting the beeps, they can tell you how much time is left to defuse the bomb.
  • 0-25 seconds – 1 beep per second (think quarter notes in 4/4 if you’re a musician)
  • 25-35 seconds – 2 beeps per second (eighth notes)
  • 35-40 seconds – 4 beeps per second (sixteenth notes)
  • 40-45 seconds – 8 beeps per second (thirty-second notes)

Spike explosion radius:
The Spike explosion radius doesn’t yet have a confirmed measurement in units, but a good guide is your footstep markers.

On the minimap, there’s a small circle around your character when you are running…well, the spike explosion radius is just a bit bigger than this marker. We actually made the measurements and you can see below the exact radius the spike has:
Attached Image

In conclusion, if you need to run from the Spike then just pay attention to the while circle around around character on the minimap and just add a couple of meters when the spike is at the edge of it and based on the spike rhythm calculate if you have enough time to defuse or not, this will, in other words give you better chances at winning more rounds!
  Added: Aug 17 2021, 04:06 PM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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