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SMAC (Source-Mod Anti-Cheat)

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  Added by: exeqtR
Candy Designer
  Category: Counter-Strike: Source > Tools
  Tags: anti cheat css source
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And so let's get started. I have been writing for a very long time, I hope you will appreciate it.
The archive contains 2 folders.

Anti cheat

Anti-cheat plugin and translation. I think you yourself know how to install them.
In the modules folder: Well, the modules themselves for the anti-cheat biggrinTo fire the cheats.
And so what the modules themselves do:
  • Aimbot Detected - Fires all types of Aims. Percentage that chitak burns 79.9%
  • Anti-Flash Detected - Cheats will not work with anti-flash drives. (Ie When you were blinded, but the chitaka (that is, you: D) will see everything.
  • Anti-Wallhack - Protection against BX. It won't work for cheaters 95%
  • AutoTrigger Detected - Trigger protection (Bans immediately)
  • EyeTest Violation - Sooooo useful module! Firing both BX and AIM! The cheaters often get bombed when they are banned with the reason SMAC: EyeTest Violation. Percentage that will ignite 90%
  • No Smoke Detected - Same function as anti-flash. You can look through the smoke. Now the chitaka won't need to see through itbiggrin
  • SMAC Client - Protecting your server from hacking. And the root of the anti-cheat itself (Installation is required!)
  • Speedhack Detected - Well, everything is clear.

SpinHack Detected - Chitakov who uses anti-aim (the boss is spinning with all the dope and it's difficult to hit the head even with aim) anti-cheat will ban right away!

I think there is no need to explain how to install it all. Because whoever needs it, he will understand.
Well, if you are completely silver, write to HP.
  Added: Dec 16 2020, 01:36 AM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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