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How to catch someone tasks

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  Added by: exeqtR
  Category: Among Us > Guides
Difficulty Level: Expert
  Tags: impostors task catch
How to become a master at catching task-impostors.

Types of tasks
Not all types of tasks are the same, here is the difference between each:
Common tasks: Every player has the same one in each game and are generally quick tasks.
Short tasks: These are randomized tasks per player and is a single stop task which are quick.
Long tasks: These are like short tasks but may not move the task bar when it looks like they finish it because they come in multiple parts.
Below is the default number of each type of task:

Player Not on a task
Tasks are generally found in an easily identifiable box on a wall, or a table. There are parts of the maps that look like they would be a task, but aren't, if you catch someone on one of these fake tasks, they are probably the impostor. For crises, there are locations you have to go to in order to stop the crises, some impostors get confused and fake tasks on top of the crises locations, this signals to them being the impostor.
The following images are some places that may look like task but are not, some are of crises locations and others are just designs on the map:
Attached Image

Visual Tasks
The best way to catch people ♥♥♥♥♥♥ tasks is using visual tasks to your advantage. If visual tasks are on, you can watch people doing certain tasks with 100% certainty that it is them. You will see animations for the task. Such tasks that are visuals are MedBay scan, Weapons, and Storage Trash dump.
Below is an example of what a visual task looks like (MedBay Scan):
Attached Image

Watching Task-bar
If visuals are off, there is still a good way to catch ♥♥♥♥♥♥. This method is able to be used on every task in the game, but make sure it is not a long task before using the method because it could cause you to accuse someone incorrectly. This is by watching the task-bar to see if it moves right before the player moves off of the task. Make sure that you can watch them do multiple tasks using this method because it could be a coincidence that they get lucky with the task-bar moving when they leave. It is OK if the player doesn't move immediately after the task-bar moves since they may be looking at the map for their next task. But don't wait too long for them to call an assumption.
Attached Image

Task Timing
This is not a very sure-fire way to catch someone ♥♥♥♥♥♥ a task. The general idea is to make sure they don't spend too much or too little time on the task before they leave the task area. For tasks such as weapons, it is possible to time a player with accuracy, the problem is, they could miss an asteroid when doing the task, forcing them to wait an extra second or two. Other tasks such as Download and Upload, this is a great way to test if someone is ♥♥♥♥♥♥ since it is almost always a set amount of time. There are two ways you could time someone, most of the time, players like to use their instincts with the time, but you could also take the time to pull out a stopwatch and time it manually after figuring out how long it takes to complete a task yourself.

The order in which you should find people ♥♥♥♥♥♥ tasks is watching them doing visual tasks, if they do not have visual tasks, you could watch them do non visual tasks with the task-bar as long as the task-bar is on. Timing players doing tasks is not a great way to test players, especially if you are playing in a public lobby.
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