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How to restart the game in CS:GO

Added by: poisoN
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Server
Tags: restart game rr csgo command
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When you have to play a duel or practice, sometimes it becomes necessary to restart the round. The reasons can be different. Maybe you need to reset the counter, or change the victory conditions, change something else. In any case, for those who do not know how to restart a round in CS: GO, this little guide is intended.

How to restart the game in CS:GO

Logging into the server again is too long. Especially for the sake of a simple reset or changing just a few parameters. Actually, in order to restart using the console, you need to enter this command into it:

mp_restartgame 5
The numbers mean the seconds after which the round will be restarted with new parameters.

The new round will apply all previously specified console commands affecting match conditions, such as infinite ammo or grenades. Now you can safely continue training or duel with friends or acquaintances.
Added: A week ago
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