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How to throw a knife in CS:GO

Added by: poisoN
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Client
Tags: throw knife csgo how
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And although the knife is considered a weapon, in the standard mode it cannot be thrown out, unlike the same machine guns. Most of the players got used to it. Although there is still an opportunity to "try on" different types of knives. And this can be done only on the local server. However, even this will be enough to form an impression about this or that type of cold steel.

How to throw a knife in CS:GO
To understand how to throw a knife into CS: GO through the console, you need to do a couple of things - activate the console and find out the necessary commands. For the first, there is a corresponding item in the game settings, it is not difficult to find it, and if difficulties arise, you can read a specialized article, which deals with all the main nuances.

Now that the console is turned on, you will need to enter the single player game. Bots can be disabled. You need to enable the console (~), and then enter:

sv_cheats 1
This activates a cheat mode to enter additional commands that can seriously affect the conditions of the match. Now the second command:

mp_drop_knife_enable 1
After entering, the knife will be thrown out like a regular weapon. At the same time, you can always spawn the next one to inspect the appearance and pick up the one that you like best. Quite a good feature for those who are going to buy a new knife with a skin and do not want to waste money. The discarded knife can be picked up at any time. You do not need to disable this mode; after exiting the menu, everything will return to standard mode.
Added: A week ago
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