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How to change the font in CS:GO

Added by: poisoN
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Other
Tags: font change csgo
Author's Readme/Notes
How easily a person will perceive the incoming information depends on the "pleasantness" of the text. A bright and clearly outlined font on the general background helps to assimilate what has been written for a fraction of a second. And since there are often moments in the game when you need to think quickly, the value of such customization increases. Therefore, further it will be analyzed how to change the font in CS: GO and adjust it for yourself. Fortunately, font substitution is not banned and is legal. So you can safely experiment.

How to change the font in CS:GO
You can't just replace the font in the game. They need to be replaced directly in the game folder with special, ready-made files. The function of changing fonts in the CS turned out to be quite cumbersome, since it is based on replacing the files of the game itself. However, there are not so many to replace them manually.

Where to find and how to install fonts
In order to change the font in the game, you first need to download the desired one. To do this, visit this site: fonts.spddl.de . Fonts ready for installation are laid out there, moreover, a convenient viewing system has been made. Thus, the player can estimate in advance the type of font and roughly imagine how it will look in the game itself. It is advisable to choose such that it does not distract and at the same time the letters are well read.
Attached Image

After choosing the desired font, it is immediately downloaded to your computer. The archive will contain a folder with a full path for installing the font. You have to follow it and that's it. In more detail, you need to open the local game files through the library to get into the directory. And then open the csgo> resource> flash folder and place the files from the target archive folder into it. Confirm replacement if necessary.

After that, you need to go into the game and make sure that the fonts have been replaced. Following these instructions, any font can be changed in just a couple of minutes. It is likely that the final result may still not like it and then the player will want to change the font again. But for this you have to delete the old one.

How to remove a new font and return the default one

You can't just take and replace the font. First you need to return everything to the default values. To do this, you need to squeeze the Win + R combination and enter the line that appears here this command:
steam: // validate / 730

This will return the default font. Then you can start downloading any other. Installation is carried out in the standard way described above.
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