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How to give yourself grenades in CS:GO

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Client
Tags: grenades give get nades infinite
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Training is a necessary part of the game. Without practice and practicing throwing grenades, it is impossible to normally throw them at the enemy on most maps. There is only one problem - the limited number of grenades in a round. The player can buy only a few per round, which is clearly not enough to properly work out the scattering. Experienced people use a console with which you can spawn any item, and grenades are no exception.

How to issue a grenade in CS:GO through the console
First you need to go to the game settings and make sure that the console is turned on. After that, you need to start a single-player game or a lobby with friends, you can either with bots or without, after which it remains to enter this command:

sv_cheats 1

Here's how to issue a grenade in CS: GO, a list of all grenades:
give weapon_decoy - false;
give weapon_molotov - Molotov;
give weapon_flashbang - flash drive;
give weapon_smokegrenade - smok;
give weapon_incgrenade - incendiary;
give weapon_hegrenade - fragmentation;

You can even bind some of these commands in order to train the spreading.
Added: A week ago
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