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How to disable auto balance in CS:GO

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Server
Tags: auto balance disable
Author's Readme/Notes
Experienced players have an interesting way of training - playing against the crowd of bots on the opposite side. However, under normal conditions it is impossible to force the enemy team to be larger than your own for one reason - auto balance. The game will automatically list all unnecessary players or bots to another team so that everyone has an equal chance. But this is not always necessary. Therefore, now it will be analyzed how to turn off the autobalance in CS:GO, so that this function no longer interferes.

What is auto balance
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Autobalancing transfers extra players and bots to different teams so that they have the same number. Thus, an equal chance of winning is maintained. Example: if there is only 1 player in the T team, and there are 3 players in the CT team, then at the beginning of the next round 1 player from CT will be transferred to T.

How to remove auto-balance in CS:GO
To disable this feature, just enter this command into the console:
mp_autoteambalance 0
To return the autobalance, you just need to change the value and enter the command like this:
mp_autoteambalance 1
The command is intended for use on a personal server and does not require activation of sv_cheats 1.
Added: A week ago
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