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How to lower VAR in CS:GO

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Other
Tags: fps lower csgo var
Author's Readme/Notes
Sometimes looking for the causes of lags in the COP can be tedious. The reasons for this can be many and different, and they are not always obvious. VAR is one of these, not obvious enough parameters, which, nevertheless, is quite capricious. And with any change in the settings, the game can start to ruin life, creating lags, roughly similar to high ping. How to deal with this will be discussed further.

What is Var in CS:GO
If you enter the command net_graph 1 into the console, you will see a whole bunch of parameters in the corner of the screen. Many people are used to looking at FPS, ping, choke and loss, but VAR is an equally important parameter.
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What is VAR in CS: GO? It reflects the difference between the images on the player's screen and what is now on the server. This is the very case when you can release a whole magazine at the enemy, and the hits will be displayed. But in reality, the player will be in a different place, of course, according to the server. and as a result, all shots will not be counted to him. This is the main danger of VAR, and if you do not fight it, it will become impossible to play.

Clearing the cache
But how to lower var in CS:GO? There are many ways. You just need to find the right one that can solve the cause of the problem. One of the reasons may be contamination of the game cache. This is due to the constant change of configs, game settings and other things.

Here's a way to clear the download cache:
  1. Close Steam
  2. Press Win + R.
  3. Enter steam: // flushconfig into the line .
  4. To restart a computer.
  5. Login to CS: GO.
  6. Start a single player game.
  7. Enter the fps_max 60 command .
  8. If after that VAR crashed, then it was the boot cache, but now the problem will be completely resolved.

Lowering Var through settings
Often, if the var jumps in CS: GO, then the problem may lie in the incorrectly set settings. Everyone knows how to enter the game parameters. You just need to make out the main points:

Go to graphics settings. Here you need to deal with such an item as "Vertical sync". It must be disabled, or double or triple buffering. All that remains is to enable matches on your own, activate net_graph 1 and look at the indicators.

You should also go to Steam, click on the CS: GO RMB, open "Properties", enter "Local files" and check the integrity of the files. If any of them were damaged during the update, then Steam will independently download and replace the damaged files and folders, which, although they allow the game to start, have the following consequences.

It is also worth setting these launch parameters:
-novid -console -nojoy -high -freq 60 -tickrate 128 -dxlevel 81 -noaafonts -heapsize 1572864

If the problem is not resolved, you will have to look for other ways to solve the problem.

Solution of problems
So what can you potentially do to deal with Var jumps? Here is a list of recommendations:

  • Check for viruses. Various Trojans can undermine the computer's performance and try to infiltrate the work of programs, at the same time occupying free Internet traffic, lowering the overall connection speed, etc. Therefore, it is worth downloading a good antivirus and checking the entire PC for viruses.
  • Updating drivers. Sometimes drivers can conflict with hardware or with each other. Because of this, it makes sense to try to update all drivers, or vice versa, roll back to the previous version. This advice mainly applies to the video card, however, a processor with a sound card and other elements can sometimes be the main source of problems. If this happens, then only reinstalling the system will help.
  • The hardware does not meet the system requirements. In this case, not only problems with VAR, but also FPS are very likely, so it is worth lowering all graphic parameters and turning off vertical sync, reducing anisotropic filtering, anti-aliasing and texture quality. Detailed guides on correct client optimization are available on the site, it is worth reading them. This is only relevant for owners of weak hardware.
  • Add mat_queue_mode 2 to the launch parameters.
  • Clean and defragment the disk. You can use both the built-in system tools and download a separate utility. As a result, performance should increase and VAR should decrease.
  • Reboot the router and computer. Sometimes it helps, but usually it doesn't.
  • Decrease the frequency of the video card. Occasionally, the graphics card overheats. This may be due to ineffective cooling. As a temporary option, you can lower the frequency before purchasing an additional cooler for cooling.
  • It is likely that one of the above methods will help.

Closing third-party applications
If the increase in VAR is caused by too much load on the computer's processor, then unnecessary applications and processes may be the cause. So it remains only to hold down the Ctrl + Shift + ESC combination. After opening the manager, you will need to go to the "Processes" tab and start closing the most suspicious of them opened on behalf of the user.

Cleaning your computer
Keeping your PC clean is very important and has a direct impact on performance. It is required to regularly change the thermal paste, monitor the capacitors, as well as the performance of the coolers, in order for the computer to continue working at full capacity. And of course, it is advisable to regularly clean it from dust, which will avoid encountering VAR problems.
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