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How to find the link to trade on Steam

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Other
Tags: trade link steam
Author's Readme/Notes
The link to the exchange can be useful when registering on various sites, such as roulettes or third-party trading platforms, in order to more profitably sell rare skins. In turn, on Steam, it will be needed to send an exchange offer to friends or other users, or vice versa, to accept it. In this regard, everyone who has recently started playing CS: GO and registered on Steam may have a question about how to find out the link to the exchange in the incentive. This short guide will walk you through the main ways to get a link.

Where to find a trade link in incentive

To find this link, you need to open the Steam client and go to your profile tab. You need to click on the "Edit Profile" button .

On the right there will be a section "My privacy settings" . It contains the settings for the inventory parameters. You need to change its status to "Open" and save the changes. This will mean that from that moment on, any user will be able to change with you and see the items for sale.

Now you need to find a link, for this you need:

  1. Go to inventory
  2. Click on the "Exchange offers" button
  3. Click on "Who can send me trade offers"

As a result, a unique link will be displayed on the screen, thanks to which other users will be able to send trade offers if you share it with them. It also allows you to trade on third-party platforms and use it in Steam groups. And this applies to everyone, not just those who are on the friends list.
Attached Image
The method works both for the browser version of the store and for the client. There are no particular differences here.

In some cases, it will not be possible to send and receive trade offers. This happens when you change your password, computer, or Steam Guard. In this case, the exchange is blocked for 7 days, after which you can continue to use it as usual. This is how you can get the link. It also contains the Steam ID, so it's also a way to find out.
Added: 2 weeks ago
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