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Remove loading CS:GO intro

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Other
Tags: remove loading intro
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Author's Readme/Notes
Any game has an incredibly annoying element - intro cutscenes and splash screens. Not only are they annoying, but they also increase the loading time of the menu, which ultimately brings even more inconvenience. It is quite possible to remove it, for this you only need to know the correct launch parameters.

What the splash screen looks like at the beginning of the game
Attached Image

This splash screen looks like a kind of poster with the CS: GO logo, and further actions will be directed at its removal.

How to disable the splash screen in CS: GO

So, here's how to remove the splash screen in CS: GO:
  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to the library
  3. Right click on CS:GO
  4. Enter "Properties"
  5. Click on "Set launch parameters"
  6. Enter the command -novid into the line

Now, when starting the game, all introductory videos will be skipped and the splash screen will be removed. This will speed up the transition to the main menu, however, for weak configurations, the effect of speeding up the loading is rather weak. In the case of powerful machines, the effect of disabling the screensavers is most noticeable.
Added: 2 weeks ago
Modified: Never edited!
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