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How to reduce the size of the Net Graph in CS:GO

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Client
Tags: net graph fps size reduce
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Author's Readme/Notes
The net_graph command allows you to get information about all the details of the connection in the game and thus track its lags and various problems. Therefore, some players may find it useful to keep its functionality in front of their eyes in order to quickly monitor changes in parameters. As a result, in this way it is quite realistic to understand the sources of FPS drawdown, find and fix problems with brakes and lags during the game.

What is Net_Graph
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When you enter the net_graph 1 command into the console, a rather large plate with a bunch of parameters will be displayed on the screen. It is worth considering them:

FPS - the number of frames per second at the current moment;
Ping - the time it takes for information to reach the server (in milliseconds);
Tick ​​- tick rate, for MM it is 64, and on Faceit and ESEA servers it will be 128;
Up is the number of packets sent to the server per second;
CMD is the number of packets received by the computer from the server;
Loss - the number of lost packets, the more there are, the stronger the jerks and various jerks;
Choke - the number of packets that were not sent by the server;
SV is the time it takes to process received packets;
+/- - parameter error is higher;
VAR - server FPS indicator.
All these parameters in one way or another reflect the quality of the Internet connection and allow you to track lags and brakes. Also, with this team, you can evaluate the capabilities of your PC, as well as find out in which specific places or on which cards there may be a drop in performance in order to avoid them in the future.

How to make net_graph smaller in CS: GO

This team has a serious drawback - parameters take up too much space, which makes it inconvenient to play. It is logical that here any player will want to know how to reduce the no graph in CS: GO. To do this, you just need to register the command:

net_graphpos 2

Attached Image

This will bring the menu to the bottom center of the screen. AND:
net_graphpos 3

Attached Image

Will reposition to the bottom left corner. Command:
net_graphproportionalfont 0.5

Attached Image

Will make the lines smaller and make them take up less space. You can also play around with different values. To return everything back, you just need to put the value 1 when you enter this command.
Added: 2 weeks ago
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