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Cheat-Mod Minecraft Gish Code 1.12.2 [JAR, DLL]

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  Added by: Diablo
  Category: Minecraft > Cheats
  Tags: cheat free hack
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Hi! Another free cheat mod for Minecraft that you can download for free from our site. A functional hack that is a pleasure to use. It has all the most necessary features for a comfortable game (see the screenshot). For example, using the cheat mod Gish Code on Minecraft, you can: control the player (include flight, fast running, automatically puts on the best armor from invetnar, allows you to pass through walls, etc.), there are also beautiful visual effects such as XRay, ESP, temESP, PlayerRadar, etc. It also has settings for perfect attack, shooting, critical hits, and more. In General, download this cheat for Minecraft And you will not regret your choice. I use it personally, everything suits me, and most importantly this mod is a cheat without a ban.

- How do I add blocks to XRay ?
There are two ways:
xray add mouse - Adds a block to which you are focused.
xray add <id:meta> <r> <g> <b> Where r g b - sets the color intensity (red, green, blue), from 0 to 255.

xray add 35:1 255 155 0 - Adds orange wool, which is highlighted orange.
xray add 73 255 0 0 - Adds a Redstone that is highlighted in red.

- How do I open the menu ?
By default, the menu opens to the right shift.

- How do I open settings ?
PCM by function.

Commands in the console
Commands in the console:
dumpclasses-dump the list of classes from the loader class.
dumpplayer-dump the list of players on the server.
effect-allows you to add / remove effects for yourself.
enemy-allows you to add / remove players in the list of enemies.
friend-allows you to add / remove players in the friends list.
hacks-shows a list of all cheat functions.
help - help for commands.
key-allows you to bind functions.
login-allows you to log in, (pirate / license).
opendir-opens the directory of the cheater configuration.
pfilter-allows you to add / remove items for PickupFilter.
say-allows you to write to the chat.
toggle-switches the function in the cheat.
vclip-teleportation along the y-axis.
xray-allows you to add / remove blocks for XRay.
skinsteal-download skin by nickname/URL.

How to use compiled (JAR, DLL). Three ways to use it:
[1] Using JAR as a normal Minecraft Forge mod (copying the JAR file to the mods folder)
[2] using JAR for injection in Minecraft Forge Client using JavaInjector []
[3] using DLL for injection in Minecraft Forge Client using any injector
  Added: Sep 28 2020, 02:58 PM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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