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Natus Vincere signed Perfecto

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Last year, the composition of Natus Vincere lost that ray of hope that appeared in the team in 2018. Despite the presence of two top world performers Alexander “ s1mple ” Kostylev and Yegor “ electronic ” Sharipov, as a team, Natus Vincere achieved practically nothing. The only positive point for the season was the victory at StarSeries & CS: GO Season 7, but it is worth recognizing that there were practically no top teams at that tournament. And that tournament was won by an old squad: with Kharkov veterans Zeus and Edward.

After the signing of Captain Cyril BoombI4 Mikhailov, the situation did not change, but even worsened. Cyril could not add to the game, and in tactical moments there were big problems: Natus Vincere forgot to play as a team. Ladislav's transition “ GuardiaN ” Kovacs completely killed hope in the old Natus Vincere roster . And although the players said that they believed in the team, it was clear that in fact this was far from the case. Yes, and recently, the leadership of the team openly suggested moving Evgeny “ FL1T ” to Lebedev from forZe , so it was clear that the changes would occur.

As a result, Natus Vincere decided to invite Syman Gaming player Ilya “ Perfecto ” Zalutsky to the rifle position. But Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev will again return to the AWP role, with which he was replaced by GuardiaN . So now there are more chances that everything will turn out. So commented on the transfer team coach Andrei " Blade3 " Gorodensky:

A few days after the completion of EPICENTER, we consulted with the players and agreed that the team did not have the synergy that we expected to receive by the end of the year. Everyone tried hard, and progress was noticeable, but at critical moments of the match we constantly lacked the integrity when we, as one organism, react to the actions of an opponent.

One of the reasons is the language barrier, which was especially noticeable in the game against shooting range-1 teams, where the quality and speed of communication is of great importance. That is why we decided to replace Ladislav, as well as return Simpl to the role of WUA, since he has no equal in this niche.

Many thanks to Ladik for his perseverance and diligence. He was very worried about every bad team result and always worked on himself. This is a world-class player, I'm sure he will show himself.

His place in NAVI will be taken by Ilya Perfecto, who managed to prove himself by playing for the Syman Gaming team. Despite the lack of experience, Ilya is great for our team in its character, thinking and style of play. He is young, talented and purposeful.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Syman Gaming for the most constructive position in the negotiations.

Who is this Perfecto?
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Ilya “ Perfecto ” Zalutsky is a 20-year-old Russian e-sportsman who began his career in 2017, playing for Atlantis Gaming . In October 2018, he moved to Syman Gaming, where he played until today. With this team, he was able to qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 major, and at the end of last year he won the NEST Pro Series 2019 tournament, which was held in China. According to hltv.org, Perfecto has a solid rating of 1.25. However, it is worthwhile to figure out why he received it.

If we look at the Syman Gaming matches at the NEST Pro Series 2019, where there were shooting range 2-3 teams like TyLoo , we will see that in matches with more or less strong teams Perfecto showed an average result even among the players of his team. So where did such good statistics come from? Perfecto played very well in the WESG selections, where he showed performance with a stat of 18-0 against amateur teams.

However, we will not judge only by a few tournaments. Let's see how Ilya Zalutsky played at the tier-1 tournament of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. Perfecto showed a good game at the major , but still was not the obvious leader of his team: he scored the most frags in only one match out of five. Yes, and there is a remarkable moment for those who forgot how events developed on the major. In the decisive fifth match for reaching the top 16 of the major, Syman Gaming faced AVANGAR . After both teams took the map, the teams played the decisive map on Dust II. There, Perfecto rained down, playing with a stat 8-16, because of which the team lost.

Honestly, signing up to the not-so-strong player in the top 30 team is a very risky undertaking from Natus Vincere's management . However, we believe that the statistics are deceiving, and Perfecto will be able to open up in a new team with new features and strong teammates.
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