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Counter-Strike Economy

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike > Client
Tags: economy money
Author's Readme/Notes
1st pistol round

Each player starts with $ 800. It is only natural that whoever has the most frags in the game will get the most money. We try to show you with this guide how you have the best possible armament and equipment for the whole game, with as few saving rounds as possible.

We start with the basics. As a terrorist, some are inclined to buy the protective vest and then rush with the Glock.

Don't buy ammunition for the Glock. You have 40 rounds in reserve and 20 in the magazine. So a total of 60 shots!

With the increased power of the Glock since Counter-Strike 1.6, the burst mode is not absolutely necessary. In close combat, however, the Glock can become a deadly headshot weapon in burst mode. At medium and long range, the burst is a waste of bullets due to the lack of shooting accuracy.

So if you have to play with the Glock in the pistol round, don't buy additional ammo. At first glance it might only make a little difference, but a few laps later you might need the money to buy ammunition for your AK47, for example.

One of the most important things as a terrorist in the first round (or every other round) is to put the bomb. Regardless of whether you win the round or not. Even if your team loses, each player will get $ 800 for simply laying the bomb.

For the CT side, it depends on the tactics with which this team goes round. It is advisable, however, that at least 2 counter-terrorists buy a defuse kid and stay close to the bomb sites. The rest of the players can choose between vest and / or Flash / HE.

Again, it's all based on how you think your team will get the pistol round.

* Does the other side have high shot accuracy?
* Do you think the protective vests are necessary to protect you?

Communication is important in the first, as in all subsequent rounds. Short and precise statements are more important than moans like: "there are a few"
(where please come how many opponents?)

A won first round usually means 2 further winning rounds, since the opponent usually has to insert 2 saving rounds.

2. Early Rifle Rounds

Let's say you won the pistol round . Announce your available money to every teammate. The mate with the least money buys nothing but a protective vest / helmet.

To make this easier in the game, your in-game leader should make the decision. As a terrorist you should buy Galil and protective vest / helmet, as CT MP5 and protective vest / helmet.

Don't buy the MP5 as the T, the Galil far outclasses it. The Galil has the ability to penetrate walls and as such the Galil can be useful beyond half the match.

Buying the MP5 is just a secondary solution. Most players throw them away a few rounds later to buy a better weapon.

As I said, the player with the least money in this round should save his money. In all likelihood, the opposing team will make a pistol saving round after losing the pistol round. It shouldn't be too difficult for an armored team with rifles to overpower an armored team with pistols. Having a man who has no rifle has no negative effect as long as your team wins. On the contrary, he saved money for future rounds.

If your terrorist team loses the round we have to improvise. By default you can take 1 or 2 saving rounds. With the new Galil as a purchase option, a savings round means that you are able to buy the Galil and protective gear to possibly win the third round.

Not all teams do this. Many will take two saving rounds and then finally buy the AK47 plus protective equipment in the fourth round.

Because of the prices of the CT weapons and the tendency of the CTs to use AWPs and M4A1s, CTs will probably make two saving rounds after a lost round of pistols. This is necessary if you are CTs.

As a T-Team, I would only take a savings round but do not underestimate your opponent.

3. Rifle rounds

So you have the first three rounds behind you and the opposing team is upgrading - what now? The team leader should now be able to approve the purchase "Free after Schnautze"
unless he has something more special in mind in this round. As a general rule, when a teammate dies, everyone should announce the amount of money available to them at the start of the next round.

It is useless to announce it when you are dead. Then some factors (bomb explosion, bomb defusing, etc.) change the amount available. With this information, the team leader can see what firepower he has in this round and can plan his actions accordingly.

Of course, some routes and attacks are best carried out with certain weapons. If you won the previous round, but a mate is under $ 3,600 as T. It is generally a good idea that he buys a Desert Eagle plus armor. The reason for this is simply that your remaining team with 4 rifles and armor will very likely kill an enemy.

The Mate with the Desert Eagle has a strong pistol and full armor. He should have the possibility / chance to take up the weapon of a killed opponent or teammate.

On the CT side, players under $ 4400 should use the combination of desert eagle and armor. The reason for these numbers is simply that in most cases it would be a waste of money to buy a good weapon but not armor.

Of course, the richest teammate will buy a gun for the poorest whenever possible. It all depends on how much money your team has available and whether your poorest player is satisfied with a Desert Eagle. The choice is yours.

The inevitable happens and your team loses a round. Performs the standard operation but sets the $ 3600 limit. Every mate below should buy Desert Eagle plus armor. If possible, the rich should buy arms for the poor.

You may lose several rounds in a row and realize that everyone is short of money. But what about the Mate with the Desert Eagle who was able to pick up a weapon and kill opponents all the time? Or the man with few deaths and lots of frags? The obvious answer is, turn to this man for bulk purchases.

Even if you have lost the last 3 rounds. If he was careful with his purchases, he should be able to buy a gun for every teammate.
Each teammate should then be able to buy their own armor and / or grenades. I know from my own experience. There were moments when my team wanted to make an economy round but I quickly threw out 4 AK47s and instead of wasting the round in a pistol rush, the round was won by us.

It is an extreme scenario because not all games budget with their money like me. But the point is that it is possible.

The rest, as they say, is up to you. I'm honestly against saving rounds if they can be avoided. The simple reason is that racing against a team of armored opponents is a wasted round. If you are only opposed to the firepower of glocks or USPs, it can occasionally work. But most of the time the other team will get the frags, blow up the bombing spot, and win the round. Anything that could have been avoided with careful financial planning.
If you absolutely have to save, there are a few things to keep in mind. Especially now with the changes to CS 1.6. This article was written about the battle economy of the game and not the strategy behind it. He doesn't go into detail about how to run a savings round. The strategy / tactic is up to you.

Remember, if terrorists lose a round because time has run out, there will be no money for the team after the last game changes. If you are the last living T and your team has no chance of winning. The best way, besides relying on a sophisticated strategy, is to just run in, drop the bomb, and get $ 800 after the CT team has eliminated you and disarmed the bomb. As a CT team, your only option is to defend and try to defuse the bomb. Or try to intercept the T's when they evacuate the bombing site and get your weapons.

You can certainly do it differently. You can have your whole team slaughtered just to have money for weapons in the next round. In some cases this is advisable and necessary.

But if you follow this guide, you should be able to minimize this scenario and have better ways to win rounds that you would otherwise have lost.
4P-M | Heuer Meuer

Author: Sublyme / Sublyme@counter-strike.net
Created on January 18, 2004
Added: 2 weeks ago
Modified: Never edited!
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