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Tutorial Fix CS 1.6 Ping/Lag Problems

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike > Client
Tags: ping problems
Author's Readme/Notes
if one speaks of the cs "ping", one should always take the "ping" from the scoreboard. And NOT the one from the Netgraph. Because the Netgraph "Ping" says relatively little, because you can "fake" it with the appropriate netsettings from 0 (no display available) to huge. Depending on which values ​​you write in the net settings.

And you don't get the right real ping in cs anyway. If you want to know your real ping, you can check it on www.speedmeter.de. You can't influence this real ping in cs either, but only with windows optimization, see the last 4 links below. This in turn is the absolute basic requirement for a good cs ping. But huge leaps are not possible with Windows tuning.

btw, it is not important to have the smallest possible ping, but a stable one that does not fluctuate!


Anyone having problems with one has high or fluctuating ping, should try the following tips:

1) The basic requirement for a good ping and lag-free playing is to set the priority of steam.exe in the windows task manager to low (with win xp / 2000):
open task manager -> processes -> right click on steam.exe -> set priority to low

unfortunately you have to do this with priority every time you start steam. Otherwise it is always back to normal.

so I made a little "program", the Steam Starter, It creates a small shortcut on your desktop with which you can start steam with a lower priority.

If you don't trust my "program" and would rather do everything yourself:

make a small batch file with which you can call steam with low priority. this batch must be in the same directory as the steam.exe (usually c: \ programs \ steam)

content of the batch file:

start / low steam.exe

name of the batch: blablablubb.bat create

the file as normal using the editor.

then a desktop link to that batch file. with this link you can start steam with low priority.

and so that you don't get mixed up and everything looks the same:

delete the old steam link. rename the batch link to "steam" and give the batch link the symbol of steam (right click / properties / other symbol - search - use c: \ programs \ steam \ steam.exe as the symbol file). then you don’t even notice that you’re not opening steam, but opening the batch, because everything looks the same as before.


with a low priority, the updates go more smoothly (at least for me) ...

the low priority should fix your ping problems in connection with the right netsettings in config.cfg.

Unfortunately, there are no generally applicable, equally good netsettings for everyone. but the following values ​​are good starting values ​​for you to test:

Arrow Which cs-netsettings are the right ones for my connection?

2) If 1. nothing helps, then you should also turn off the auto update (for all games from steam). To do this, right-click on CS in the games window of steam (and also for the other games) -> properties -> autoupdate off -> end steam -> wait a moment -> log in again and
remember that updates will then no longer be automatically sucked. then you have to check it all manually for a long time ...

3) if the changed rate value doesn't work for you, then have a look in your registry (start / execute / regedit) with the following two keys:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Valve \ Steam]
"Rate" = "XXXXXX"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Valve \ Steam]

if there is only 5000 or 7000 in it and you have DSL, then instead write both times in one of the following values:

9999 or 20000 or 25000

or one of the rate values ​​that I have already posted above in the netsettings.

4 ) close all windows (friends, server, games, ...) in steam.

5) and here are a few general tips on ping: make

everything except steam and cs (no file sharing, icq, irc, firewall, anti-virus, etc.)

if you connect with hlsw, let it close when connecting.
Added: 2 weeks ago
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