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Fast-Download Tutorial

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike > Server
Tags: fast download url sv_downloadurl
Author's Readme/Notes
Many servers provide custom material, i.e. new maps, skins or sound files. Without fast download, these files are loaded via the game server, which is quite slow. The solution: a functioning fast download. This provides the files via an external server.

What is needed?
  • logically a game server
  • an FTP program, optionally the free Filezilla
  • webspace

The installation is quite simple, first connect your Filezilla to the web space. If that worked, the folder cstrike is created in any subfolder .

All files that the client has to download belong to this folder cstrike. If a file is not on the FTP, the player will not get it from the game server! The folder structure must be created exactly the same as on the game server, a small example:

The file fy_iceworld is located on the game server in

the URL to the file must then be:

The files can then be uploaded. Pay attention to the correct subfolder!
The final step is now the entry sv_downloadurl add in the server.cfg. This must look like this:
sv_downloadurl "http://www.gvme.org/server/cstrike/"

Finished. Now restart the server and the download should go much faster.

What else is there to consider?

The webspace:
Make sure that your web space covers the additional traffic, otherwise your provider might incur additional costs.

In addition, the web space should not be from a free host, they often refuse to download from games and also refer to this in their terms and conditions.

It doesn't work!
In this case, troubleshooting is the order of the day. Calls up the URL in the browser that you entered in the server.cfg. Are there typical 404 (file not found) or 403 (no access) errors?

Often the folders www and logfiles are located in the source folder on the FTP, all of the data you uploaded belongs to www , but this folder does not appear in the URL later .

The URL is correct, but it still doesn't work? Checks whether the files are also on the game server and whether the folder structure on the FTP is correct.
Added: 2 weeks ago
Modified: Never edited!
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