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Added by: Diablo
Team Sandpit
Category: Counter-Strike > Bots
Tags: bots sandbot npc
Author's Readme/Notes
- [All] Made bot_skill a cvar which dynamically changes a bot's skill.
- [All] Fixed bots attacking bots that had been kicked.
- [All] Bots will now be removed if the quota exceeds the bot_count cvar.
- [All] Enabled debug logging in release builds with bot_log_level cvar.
- [Windows] Sandbot no longer breaks level transitions in single player (thanks shardthefox200@ModDB).
- [Opposing Force] Made bots less likely to get distracted by enemies when they have the flag in CTF.
- [Natural Selection] Fixed crash in Classic mode when a gorge checked if it should build a resource tower.
- [Natural Selection] Fixed bots doing the opposite of what they should when approaching unbuilt resource towers in Classic mode.
Added: 2 weeks ago
Modified: Never edited!
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