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Stereon - AimBot, Wallhack, Sound ESP, Bomb info

Added by: Diablo
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Cheats
Tags: Aimbot Wallhack esp info Bypass
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Author's Readme/Notes
Another cool cheat on CSGO Stereo with features AimBot, Wallhack, Sound ESP, Bomb info from the famous developer Ozelotick, if anyone does not know, then this developer is known for his work PPHUD, at one time this was one of the best cheats on CSGO. Now we are pleased to provide you with a super cheat on CSGO, which is designed exclusively for Legit games, here are the most necessary and invisible functions for anti-cheat VAC. The most important thing is that the hack runs in one click, you will not need to download additional injectors to run it, because the injector is already built into the cheat itself Stereon.

A few words about functions? There is nothing special to paint, because probably you know what each of the functions are for. For example, Wallhack gives you the opportunity to see through the walls, and the Sound ESP function when hovering over the texture makes it clear where the enemy is, the function is very helpful when recording video or broadcasts, but there are also unique functions, for example, as Bomb Info - this function gives you an idea after what time the explosion will be, which gives you The author has also provided in Puligny access your customized free Legit CFG.

-Sound esp
-Bomb info
-Bypass server-side anti-cheats

1) Load configs on F6 - default.ini,
F7 - legit.ini,
F8 - other.ini
2) Configs folder: C:\Stereon\
3) Example config in C:\Stereon\clear.ini

How to use:
1) Download
2) Start Application.exe
3) Press 'enter', wait
4) Close loader and play 1.gif
Added: 2 weeks ago
Modified: Never edited!
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