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How many wins does it take to rank up in CS:GO?

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  Added by: FaLLeN
  Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Strategies & Tactics
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
  Tags: rank wins how up match
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If one is playing the game at a competitive level, one needs to go to further and higher ranks or levels. There are as many as 18 ranks in this game. The rank establishes the level of each of the competitors. Basing on your particular rank, other opponents will be matched with you, to play the game. Though rank does not represent your skill in the game, it reveals some of your potentials.

  • You might want to know how to go to higher level. Here are certain tips which will help you to attain higher ranks.
  • You have to be very patient and practice the game a lot. Practice and endurance is the key to success and win.
  • Adding better players help to train you to be a better player.
  • The best way to improve ranks is by winning or making draws.
  • High ranks will be achieved if you win games with more experiences, strong and difficult opponents. If you win games against opponents with higher ranks, then also you will be rewarded with a high level.
  • Maintain healthy communication with your team players and also your opponents.

How many hours does one needs to reach a certain level?
This estimation varies from player to player. But, the rank 21 needs about 100,000 exp. Any average player needs about 180-240 hours to play physically and casual 100-150 hours to play competitively to achieve a rank of 21.

If you can play 7-10 hours per week, then it will only take 8-10 weeks for you to reach to the Rank 21. Even if you play 24 hours each day, it will take 3 weeks’ minimum time to reach to the Rank 21.

Is it possible to lose ranks?
You can only lose ranks if you stop playing over a month. Inactivity can make you lose ranks. Honestly, if you have reached the DMG level and above, the team playing of the games becomes very important and significant factor in ranking up and of course winning the games. You need a very skilled team player and establish good coordination with that person to win this game and ultimately achieve or get to higher ranks or levels. The best of the best play in tournaments. You can even bet on your favorite CS:GO team if you like!

This game is becoming very popular nowadays. Teenagers and even young adults are getting obsessed with these types of games. Every player has to be consistent, patient and willing to learn from the losses. Maintaining good communication with other players is essential. You are not going to win every game every day. You and your team player will make mistakes. It is important to learn from them and rectify. You just have to play more, practice more and communicate more to keep winning and achieving higher levels.
  Added: Dec 29 2019, 12:51 AM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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