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CS 1.6 JailBreak Mod for CS:GO

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A jailbreak mod with special days and jail shop with the cs 1.6 style
  Added by: FaLLeN
  Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Plugins Type: Gameplay
  Tags: jb jail break prison police

A long time ago I made a jailbreak server with special days and jail shop like cs 1.6 style. Also include a very structured menu where you can found all.

Pressing the button "." of your keyboard appear the main menu.

The main menu is:

(this opcion only appear to guards)Be simon (or Simon menu is you already are simon)
(this opcion only appear to guards) Choose weapons (for guards can select their weapons in spawn)
Jail shop
Hats menu
Read rules (i removed it for now)
Admin menu

Simon menu have:

Press jail cells (for open or close jail cells with the simon's menu)
Give FreeDay to everybody
Give FreeDay to someone (next, a menu with all the prisioners appear)
Kill a random prisioner (feature for some jail games where the simon say "now a random prison will die")
Enable/Disable Friendly fire (jail box for make fight prisioners vs prisioners and the FF dont affect to guards, only prisioners)
Leave Simon

The day are random in the round start. The Day Jails are:

Simon day
A random guard is selected as Simon

Zombie day
The jails cells are opened automatically and prisioners receive weapons. Guards are zombies with a zombie skin, with knockback (like a zombie server) and with 10000 HP. Include darkness effect in the map (;/?id=371086553 )

HideNseek Day
Guards will be frozen for 1 minute and the prisoners have to hide within the one minute. When 1 minute is reached, guards are unfrozen and prisioners are frozen, also the darkness affect is turned ON. Guards are a big transparent chicken for be visible for prisioners (;/?id=380163318 ).

NoScope day
Jail cells are opened automatically, the gravity is very low (big jumps), prisioners cant kill to guards and guards have a AWP but they cant use the awp zoom.

War Day
Prisioners are frozen the first 30 seconds. Time where the guards can be distributed around the map. Then prisioners and guards receive weapons and the War start.

War Free For All Day
In the first 30 seconds cant attack. Time where the all can be distributed around the map. Then prisioners and guards receive weapons and the War start where only one can survive.

Freeze Tag Day
The guards must catch prisioners for freeze him but prisioners can save to teammates if they touch him. Sprint enabled in this round pressing E button.

FreeDay Day
All prisioners receive FreeDay and the jail cells are opened automatically.

I included in these pack shortsprint, afk manager, and anticamp

Put in server.cfg
sm_franugjailbreak_day "5" // every X rounds, a special round (not simon round) started

The last version of SM_Hosties
Jail doors -> Smart Jail Doors
  Added: Dec 8 2019, 03:19 AM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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