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BlockBuilder v1.0.46

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An update of x3ro's blockbuilder
  Added by: Diablo
  Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Plugins Type: Gameplay
  Tags: block build
This mod gives you the ability to spawn a variety of blocks around a map and the ability to save/load them in the same exact location on new round or map.

I've added a ZIP with all files in the right locations - Just drag and drop

Add this to your serverconfig
// Prevent players from being able to pick up guns/drop guns (they'll have full ammo if you drop them and pick it up)
mp_death_drop_grenade "0"
mp_death_drop_gun "0"
// Setting the old ladder movement
sv_ladder_scale_speed "1"
Be sure to NOT run any skin-modification plugins like Weapon Paints with this plugin. Altering the weapon paints will give the players full ammo.

- Say in chat !bb to open the blockbuilder menu
- To grab a block you must have spawned the block first and then by aiming at the block press the number 2 on the menu to grab and place the block.
- Create a block by aiming at the floor or a wall.
- Convert block you are aiming at to the selected block type.
- Delete block you are aiming at.
- Rotate the block you are aiming at.
- Optional noclip and godmode to make creating blocks easier.
- Snapping option so when creating and moving blocks, they snap into place next to, above or below other nearby blocks.
- Snapping gap option to leave a gap between blocks when they snap together.
- Save all blocks to file using mapname, will load on map load. Save folder: \sourcemod\data\
- Look at a block to see what type of block it is. (currently disabled, but can be enabled in source code.)
- Transparency options (changing the visibility of the block.)
-Server Ops can edit the 'blockbuilder.blocks.txt' file to specify alternative block models (path: \sourcemod\configs\)

- !bb / sm_bb (Activates Blockbuilder Menu!)
- !blocksnap (Enables/Disables Block Snapping... Shortcut to option in bb menu)
- !snapgrid <value> / sm_snapgrid (Sets distance between each block in snapgrid... Shortcut and alternate solution to values in BB Menu)
- !unitmover (Enables advanced block moving menu... Allows you manually set rotation/position... Aim at block and type !unitmover)
CVAR: sm_blockbuilder_prefix (Changes Blockbuilder messages prefix. Default: [BlockBuilder]
CVAR: sm_blockbuilder_random_cooldown (Changes cooldown between uses of Random block for each player. Default: 60 seconds a la 60
- +grab - Bindable command that grabs block
- -grab - Bindable command that releases block
- tgrab - Bindable command that grabs/releases block depending on it's state
- sm_bsave - Saves all blocks

If you use blockbuilder_give you can also use these commands:
sm_givebb <player> - Gives the player accessflag "o" temporary
sm_removebb <player> - Removes the temp accessflag from a player

- Platform (A platform you can stand on)
- Bunnyhop (A platform that disappears for a short period of time after touching it)
- Damage (Hurts you if you stand on top of it)
- Healer (Heals you if you stand on top of it)
- No Fall Damage (You don't take any damage if you fall onto it)
- Ice (You slide around like you're on ice)
- Trampoline (Throws you up in the air)
- Speed Boost (Throws you forwards in the direction you're looking)
- Invincibility (Player becomes invincible for a set amount of time)(timer can be set in \sourcemod\configs\blockbuilder.blocks.txt)
- Stealth (Player becomes invisible for a set amount of time)(timer can be set in \sourcemod\configs\blockbuilder.blocks.txt)
- Death (Player dies instantly)
- Nuke (Destroys all players on the other team unless a player has invincibility)
- Camouflage (Player looks like the other team for a set amount of time)(timer can be set in \sourcemod\configs\blockbuilder.blocks.txt)
- Low Gravity (Jumping from this block you get low gravity for 3s)
- Fire (Another damage block)
- Slap (You get slapped!)
- Random (Random between Invincibility, Stealth, Camouflage, Boots Of Speed, a slap, deagle, grenades or death!)
- Honey (Player moves slowly like they're stuck in honey)
- CT Barrier (Only Terrorists can pass through these blocks, pushes back Counter-Terrorists)
- T Barrier (Only Counter-Terrorists can pass through these blocks, pushes back Terrorists)
- Boots Of Speed (Player runs fast for a set amount of time)(timer can be set in \sourcemod\configs\blockbuilder.blocks.txt)
- Glass (Same as platform but looks like a transparent pane of glass)
- Bunnyhop - No slow down (Same as bunnyhop block but you don't slow down after landing)(timer can be set in \sourcemod\configs\blockbuilder.blocks.txt)
- Delayed - same as the bunnyhop block but longer disappearance (timer can be set in \sourcemod\configs\blockbuilder.blocks.txt)
- Awp (Only terrorist can gain a Awp, has only 1 bullet, 1 Awp per round)
- Deagle (Only terrorist can gain a Deagle, has only 1 bullet, 1 Deagle per round)

Recommended Plugins
Hide n' Seek (Modified Version To Work With BlockBuilder)
[CS:GO] Movement Unlocker (Fixes duckhoping and bunnyhopping speed issues and such.)
[CS:GO] - ⋯ Ammo management (set the amount of bullets guns should have)
  Added: Oct 14 2019, 03:10 PM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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