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Version: 0.3
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Rotate server graphics banners

Rotates sv_server_graphic1 banners
Added by: FaLLeN
Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Plugins Type: General Purpose
Tags: server banner ads spectator map
Author's Readme/Notes

This is a simple plugin based on sv_server_graphic1 cvar. For rotating your graphics banners. Banners are displayed only for spectators.
Plugin changes the banners after a map change.

Screenshot. What is the graphics banners?


sm_graphics_file (def "graphics.txt")
File to read the banners names from. Useful if you're running multiple servers from one installation, and want to use different banners per server.

sm_graphics_random (def "0")
Banners are changing in turns or randomly? 0 - by rotation, 1 - randomly.


You must remove sv_server_graphic1 cvar from your server configs.
Plugin enables the banner after first map change.
File format png or jpg, image size 360x60 px, file size of the banner is not strictly greater than 16 Kbytes
If the banner is not displayed - disable plugin and put in server.sfg sv_server_graphic1 "yourbanner.png"
Change the map twice and if the banner does not appear to observers banner file against the rules.

Drop sv_server_graphic_rotator.smx in addons/sourcemod/plugins/
Drop sv_server_graphic_rotator.sp in addons/sourcemod/scripting/
Drop graphics.txt in addons/sourcemod/configs/
Drop your banners files to /csgo directory
Change your file name in graphics.txt

By default the plugin reads the banners names from configs/graphics.txt, which has this format:
        "file"        "banner.png"
        "file"        "steamgroup.png"
Added: Oct 3 2019, 11:18 PM
Modified: Never edited!
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