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Version: 2.0

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Nade Tails

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Adds tails to projectiles (grenades)
  Added by: Diablo
Internet Bully
  Category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Plugins Type: General Purpose
  Tags: color nades tails line
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This is perfect for people looking to practice their smokes or other projectiles for competitive play, or just to have fun on a server.

I spent a bit of time basically rewriting most of it and adding a ton of functionality and changed the name.


g_Enabled - Enables Nade Tails (0/1). (Default: 1)
g_AllowPlayers - Allow players to use nade tails with !tails, otherwise admins only (0/1) (Default: 1)
g_DefaultAlpha - Default alpha for trails, all predefined colors will use this alpha (0 is invisible, 255 is solid). (Default: 255)
g_DefaultOn - Tails on for all users, Set to 0 to require user to type !tails to use (Default: 1)
g_EnableHETails - Enables Nade Tails on HE Grenades (0/1). (Default: 1)
g_EnableFlashTails - Enables Nade Tails on Flashbangs (0/1). (Default: 1)
g_EnableSmokeTails - Enables Nade Tails on Smoke Grenades (0/1). (Default: 1)
g_EnableDecoyTails - Enables Nade Tails on Decoy Grenades (0/1). (Default: 1)
g_EnableMolotovTails - Enables Nade Tails on Molotovs (0/1). (Default: 1)
g_EnableIncTails[ - Enables Nade Tails on Incendiary Grenades (0/1). (Default: 1)
g_HEColor - Tail color on HE Grenades. (Default: random)
g_FlashColor - Tail color on Flashbangs. (Default: random)
g_SmokeColor - Tail color on Smoke Grenades. (Default: random)
g_DecoyColor - Tail color on Decoy Grenades. (Default: random)
g_MolotovColor - Tail color on Molotovs. (Default: random)
g_IncColor - Tail color on Incendiary Grenades. (Default: random)
g_TailTime - Time the tail stays visible. (Default: 20.0)
g_TailFadeTime - Time for tail to fade over. (Default: 1)
g_TailWidth - Width of the tail. (Default 1.0)

It is recomended you edit these ConVars inside csgo/cfg/sourcemod/plugin.NadeTails.cfg (which is created on first run) otherwise you might have some issues with your settings saving.


tails - Toggles grenade tails.
tailsmenu - Admin menu to toggle Nade Tails on players (Flag required: ADMFLAG_KICK or override using


Colors for the trails can be set in two different ways, using predefined colors, or manually defined RGB(A) values. (Alpha is optional).
The predefined colors are:
Attached Image

Color Examples:
  • sm_tails_hecolor "red"
  • sm_tails_flashcolor "white"
  • sm_tails_decoycolor "0 0 128 255" //RED GREEN BLUE ALPHA
  • sm_tails_smokecolor "0 255 255" //this defaults the alpha to 225
  • sm_tails_inccolor "random" //chooses random color

  Added: Oct 3 2019, 01:24 AM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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